Authentication and archiving

To request authentication and archiving, download and fill in the service request form in the forms section and send the signed form, together with the following documentation:


  • copy of a valid identity document
  • bank account details
  • n. 3 color photographs in jpg format, high definition, of the front of the work
  • n. 3 color photographs in jpg format, in high definition, of the back of the work
  • n. 2 color photographs in jpg format, high definition, of the signature detail (if present)
  • Privacy policy signed on each page, present in the forms section


Send in a sealed envelope to Fondazione Sciola, Via Enrico Marongiu n. 21 09026 San Sperate (CA) or by e-mail to

The amount to be paid is equal to:

    • Stone sculptures max 1 meter and 20 in height or length € 427.00 (VAT included)
    • Stone sculptures over 1 meter and 20 in height or length € 671.00 (VAT included)
    • Terracottas and bronzes € 222.00 (VAT included)
    • Drawings and watercolors € 305.00 (VAT included)
    • Graphics (screen printing, lithography, etching, etc.) € 100 (VAT included)

Terms of payment

By bank transfer to the account: IBAN IT22 I030 6909 6061 0000 0147 670.


Its hould be noted that, in the event of inability to send the work to the Foundation’s head quarters, in addition to the costs indicated above, the costs for sending the expert to the site must be paid, according to the estimate that the Foundation will send.


The Foundation does not carry out economic evaluations of the works.


The Foundation will be able to initiate the audit only if in possession of the complete documentation.

Documentation (PDF)

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