The Foundation has its registered office in San Sperate, on via Enrico Marongiu 21. Its duration is unlimited, it is non-profitable and aims to:


  • Disseminate the name and work of the Sardinian artist Pinuccio Sciola.
  • Disseminate the knowledge and study of his works.
  • Protect, conserve, maintain and use his home as a museum, given the significant artistic and historical interest that the property presents.
  • Create a museum, in the Sardinia region, intendedas a place for research, conservation and enhancement of his work and the culture of Sardinia.
  • Organize exhibitions, conferences, cultural events and various types of activities aimed at the dissemination and knowledge of his work in particular of Sardinia in general.
  • Promote studies related to the history and criticism of sculpture and art in Sardinia, starting from nuragic megalithism up to the trends of modern and contemporary art.
  • Disseminate and promote culture and art through the training of young people interested, through the establishment of training courses, internships, travel and scholarships.
  • Publish magazines, books, essays and documents in the field of culture, art and literature.
  • Consolidate the information and entertainment of relations with universities, museums and bodies, including international ones, for the dissemination of the work and pursuit of the Foundation’s purposes, including the possible loan of works.
  • Participate in or acquire equity investments in other foundations or bodies, public or private, with social, artistic, cultural, philanthropic purposes or pursuing purposes similar to those of the Foundation itself.

Another life would not be enough to complete the projects that Pinuccio left to be carried out, divided into “electronic folders” and partly defined in local places and contexts. There are three main ones on which the efforts, energies and resources of the Foundation will immediately focus on:

Transforming Pinuccio’s house into a museum that offers anyone the opportunity to cross the origins, the strength and the ingenious simplicity of his (our) world;

Create the utopia of a 240 km long sculpture that unites an entire island through the integration along the SS 131 of works of international importance;

Continue training courses, through the spirit of the “anti-classical and anti-academic” schools, to young (and not so young) students and international artists.

It will also be the responsibility of the Foundation to start the census of the works, the cataloging of its documents, the continuation of studies on the work and the creation of exhibitions and conferences aimedat the broadest cultural promotion.